Tatiana Amore

Tatiana AmoreMy awakening began with visits from beings I later came to understand are Pleiadians. It then proceeded through a series of stages, including meeting one of the other hybrids involved in the book. When I heard her life story it sounded familiar enough that I wondered if I might be a hybrid too. In particular, I resonate with the sense of mission that hybrids incarnate with. I have taught dance for the last few years and am now studying clinical psychology and neuroscience to help make a contribution to mental wellness among children and adults. I am still at the beginning of my journey, but it has already been an amazing unfolding. Regardless of being a hybrid or not, I was told by one of the beings, that all humans are an incarnation of some race from other stars, and that Earth is a place for these races to experience physical bodies, exchange of ideas, and to exercise creating their own experiences in a different dimension. I feel I have been inspired and protected for some time, and will continue to do my work.


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