Jacquelin Smith

JS bio smallJacquelin Smith B.A., is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator, Psychic, Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical teacher.

Since early childhood, Jacquelin has had numerous experiences as well as telepathic communications with star beings, light beings, angels and interdimensional beings. Jacquelin is able to travel, through her consciousness, to other star systems and universes and remembers what she is shown. Also, she’s experienced NDEs and many “direct experiences in the light.”

Jacquelin spent many nights on starships throughout her childhood learning lessons which her star guardians wanted her to remember. She’s been a star being many times. Her star family in this life, Tall White Zeta Hybrids, and a mix of other races, genetically enhanced her before she was born.

At age fourteen, she stood in her backyard while a silver disc hovered over trees during the day. Also, she has over forty hybrid children.

Jacquelin receives symbols and messages from star beings. She has met and communicated with about eighty different cultures of star beings.

On Thanksgiving of 2013, Jacquelin was telepathically contacted by a Council of star races. She went outside and saw seven starships dancing in the sky. A starship emerged from a portal above her house, flew directly over her, the lights from the craft flashed into her eyes. For about fourteen days, she traveled in and out of multiple dimensions. She experienced past and future timelines, OBE’s, multiple-locating, and was physically on a Mothership. She shapeshifted into her star being selves while on the Mothership recalling that she was one of the Council members.

Jacquelin is a pioneer in the field of telepathic communication with animals. She has been offering her services professionally as a communicator since 1979. Jacquelin has done thousands of consultations with people worldwide about their animal companions. She also does consultations with people worldwide about their star origins.

For over fifteen years, Jacquelin has studied shamanic arts and does soul recovery work with humans and animals. In addition, Jacquelin teaches workshops on telepathic communication with star beings and animals. She offers many different types of consults to people to assist them in their lives. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, she works with Experiencers and does other life regressions.

Jacquelin speaks at conferences about her experiences as a hybrid and communications with star beings. She also speaks on the subject of animal communication. She’s written numerous articles about earth changes, animal communication, star beings, and nature. For a number of years she wrote a bi-monthly column for FATE magazine. Her work continues to receive media coverage through internet radio shows and television talk shows. Her article, ‘Communicating With Extraterrestrials,’ was the cover story for the MUFON UFO Journal, in April 2010.

She has written two books, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection, and Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals. She is now working on a third book, Star Beings in the Mirror.

Visit jacquelinsmith.com and click on ‘Services For You’ to read about services for people.

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