The Hybrids

2 thoughts on “The Hybrids”

  1. Excellent work! Very refreshing and so long overdue to inform a more “open” society in these modern times, regarding the nature of consciousness, that is manifesting upon the human condition, in very surprising ways! I have known all my life, since at a very early age, that I too am a “Hybrid.” Although, the terms used for a hybrid, in the past, have been different, [ i.e. Starseed; Indigo; Wanderer; Walk-In ] regarding the information about how the extraterrestrial presence upon the Earth, has been here all along, since the ‘Ancient of Days,’ and that it is finally beginning to be more seriously and thoroughly examined, as more “Hybrids” are beginning to come forward in society in droves, since the public ridicule factor is no longer a threat as it used to be, thereby allowing us to feel more comfortable about expressing ourselves more openly.


  2. The subject of human-alien hybridisation is a very important one that is certainly not gaining enough attention. Much of what I’ve read on the topic, the fantastic work done soberly by dedicated researchers, reveal that hybrids are very much a central part of the extraterrestrial plan for human-alien integration. Not only can they survive our biological environment better if fused with our genes, but they are better able to elicit an emotional, almost sentimental response, as being part human makes them seem much more relatable, while being part extraterrestrial makes them seem mysterious and wonderful. Their minds are joined with the collective consciousness of their extraterrestrial brethren. We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of advisors who are going to shape our future in a manner prescribed largely by those not of our our world. Humanity has allies in the greater community of intelligent life, although they do not physically intervene in our world nor will they seek influence here. Their wisdom and their briefings have been sent, and their regard for us is apparent. Let us not miss this great opportunity to bring about a future of human unity and freedom, of wisdom and peace.

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