The Book

Meet The Hybrids_front coverMeet the Hybrids was created in 2015 by Miguel Mendonça, Barbara Lamb, eight hybrids and any number of guides, whether ETs, angels or higher selves.

It is the first major book to give a voice to the hybrids directly, allowing them to share their fascinating experiences and important understandings with others in their own words. This book tells not only their stories, but those of the ET races of which they are a part, and other races which have guided them.

The book is structured around interviews and informal conversations with the hybrids, conducted through 2015. Although we used a standard set of questions – to give us a way to compare across experiences – we let the conversations evolve naturally, as each person has their own focus. Every conversation was enlightening, expanding and challenging in its own way. We would spend the next few days thinking about each interview, and particular ideas or experiences they had shared. It is likely we will continue to do so as they are often wise, insightful and require a personal expansion to be able to accommodate them.

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Meet the Hybrids is a cutting edge dialogue which offers an in-depth perspective from individuals who connect to a hybrid state of being. As a therapist and researcher this information is an extremely valuable resource. For those who identify as hybrids it will be both validating and healing—confirming that they are not alone. A landmark book.”
— Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN, author of Awakening.

“As an investigative journalist studying complex evidence of an ET presence on Earth, it has emerged that hybrids with human and ET DNA are emerging in increasing numbers. But why? Insights to that question from people who identify as hybrids are the core of this important book. Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb have courageously focused on one of this planet’s forbidden subjects.”
— Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor for, and Investigative Reporter for Coast to Coast AM

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