Nexus magazine coverMeet the Hybrids has been reviewed in the August-September issue of Nexus Magazine. The magazine first came into being 30 years ago, and I discovered it in the early 1990s, when it had been handed on to Duncan Roads. It was a big part of my awakening, giving me access to information on a vast array of alternative topics. It was my internet before there was an internet. I am delighted that it is still going strong.

I spoke with Marcus Allen, the magazine’s UK publisher and distributor, at the 2015 Glastonbury Symposium, where they have had a vendor table for many years. I told him I was in the process of collaborating on a book on the subject of ET-human hybrids and asked about sending a review copy. When he said that they would certainly be interested in reviewing the book I pointed to Charmaine, who had a nearby vendor table, and told him that she was one of the hybrids being interviewed. He seemed to accept the idea without difficulty, which is understandable given the material he has been dealing with for decades.

Charmaine had a vendor table again this year, so I went down to see her, and it was great to talk with Marcus and pick up a couple of copies of the magazine with the review. It’s a pleasure to add our research as another resource that Nexus has shared with the curious. We trust it will help others in their search for understanding, and we are grateful to Nexus for their interest and support.

~ Miguel