By Miguel Mendonça

Anyone who read the recent article in Britain’s Express online concerning our project, may have come away with one of two main conclusions. For those not open to the possibility, they might decide there is a whole new kind of crazy out there. For everyone else, they may be reminded that the media just doesn’t know what to do with the subject.

I spoke with Jon Austin, the journalist concerned, on two occasions around 1-2 months ago, sent him a copy of the book, and asked if he wished to interview Charmaine. As she is in England, it seemed logical that he may be interested in a British angle on the subject. She had said to me that she would be willing to give him an interview based on her experiences and perspectives. I heard nothing more until he sent me the link to the article on May 29th. As surprising as it was to find that he had evidently not talked with Charmaine and instead made me the centre of the piece, it was even more surprising that it contained so many errors. I’m picking my words carefully here, and making heavy use of euphemism.

I sent him a corrected version of the text and asked that he make the amendments. He made some, but unaccountably did not make others. At the time of writing (May 1st) it still states: “He is even convinced that by having frequent contact with the hybrids he has practically been cured of MS.” I have no idea where this line came from. I never said this to him or anyone else, as it is not true. The last thing I would want is for other people with MS to pin false hope on anything. I may have related an anecdote pertaining to someone else with ME having the condition improved by a healer, and if so he apparently conflated the two. In the original version of the article it said ME instead of MS.

There is little to be gained from deconstructing his article line by line and pointing out every error and overstatement, but I can say that most of it is off the mark by some margin. There may be little to be gained from investing time in having the paper make all the corrections, as in my view the main point that emerges is this: the media, like everyone else, has a very steep learning curve when it comes to hybrids.

For me personally, even as someone open to the subject and having committed a year of my life to hearing these people and sharing their stories with the world, it was hard going. Every conversation challenged me on various levels, and brought concepts to me that defied the conventions of Western knowledge construction. When you leave the work at home and go to Sainsbury’s for the week’s groceries, you see the ordinary, material, very human world around you and feel the dissonance caused by such radically differing views of reality. Your mind yo-yos conceptually between grounding and transcending, and it can be quite isolating in that you feel confident that you are the only one in the store going through it.

So I get that it can be an unsettling, uncomfortable experience. But anyone who has heard the interviews I’ve done over the last few months will have learned that it has also been a profoundly positive experience for me, at a very personal level. I have developed more understanding of my own feelings about being on this planet at this time, and, along with the regressions with Barbara, and psychic readings from Jacquelin and Leo Sprinkle, the ‘mentorship’ of Juju and the connections with everyone else, I feel more comfortable with my place in the universe. And that is a very big statement.

Which brings me to: why take this to the tabloids? I approached Jon because he had done an article on the hybrid children community back in January, and it got me thinking. At first I was appalled by what we might call the low-vibration tabloid spin on the subject, but then, as I received more and more worldwide repostings of the article via my daily Google Alert for ‘alien hybrid’, it occurred to me that with that kind of reach, it may be possible that an article on our project may thereby reach some of the ‘right’ people. By that I mean those who are open to the subject and want to learn more. And it could also reach others around the world who may be undergoing their own awakening as a hybrid.

Since the book has come out Barbara and I have hear from numerous people who understand that they are hybrids, and all have been so joyful that others like them are now going public, and forging a path for those who wish to be able to live their identity rather than conceal it out of fear. If one glances at the comment section beneath either of the articles above, or any of the YouTube videos linked to in our ‘videos’ page, you will see why hybrids are reticent about coming out. The cynicism and closed-mindedness of the commenters and their words is staggering to behold when one has a more open, expanded conception of existence.

I believe it is for each individual to take their own journey, and by presenting them with new ideas, they may be curious or brave enough to venture further, or they may not. It may be relevant to their journey, or it may not. One quote in the piece that is fairly accurate is: “I am a writer, and just wanted to share their stories, and had no clue I would be affected, it’s changed my life.” Despite the deficiencies of the article, it may be an important trigger for some people, and in a variety of ways, it could change their lives for the better too.