By Jujuolui Kuita

Five of the gangOn February 18th, Barbara Lamb presented an historic talk at the 25th annual meeting of the world’s largest UFO conference: the International UFO Congress. Her lecture, titled ‘Meet the Hybrids,’ is also the name of her new book, co-authored with Miguel Mendonça, in which eight ET-human Hybrids are interviewed in depth about their lives and missions on Earth.

Barbara is world-renowned for her professional hypnotherapy work, in which she has regressed nearly 2,000 clients to ET contact experiences. Miguel is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, with a focus on truth, relationships and consciousness. They invited the eight Hybrids from the book to join Barbara on stage to share their experiences and missions, giving the audience a direct connection with them. The six Hybrids who were able to attend courageously spoke of their ET heritage, their experiences and their hearts’ desires. Never before had a speaker offered this kind of presentation. It may have been one of the reasons Barbara Lamb received this year’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award!

After the event, the seven participants were asked to write a short summary of their experience of sharing with the audience, answering two questions:

1) What was the reaction of the audience/ attendees?
2) What was your experience of sharing this information?

The following are their personal responses, listed in the order of their appearance on stage.

Jacquelin Smith

JS UC1) After the talk, many people came up to us and began hugging us. The people thanked us for having the courage to step out and talk about ourselves as Hybrids. Many told me they were happy to see this happening at this conference and hope to see more talks of this nature. Also, a number of people came up to me and said that they felt they could now share their stories about their interactions with ETs. The welcome was overwhelming in a positive way. A number of people told me that this talk was the highlight of the conference and that’s why they had chosen to attend.

2) I felt great joy in sharing a number of the messages which the Star Beings have shared with me throughout my life, and which I have talked about in workshops and at conferences. It was beyond rewarding to be a part of this talk with Barbara, and to speak my truth. Also, I felt a wonderful relief after the talk because of the amazing reception I experienced from so many loving people. To be able to share this information is what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Now, it’s out there in a bigger way.

Vanessa Lamorte

VL UC1) I felt that the audience received the information very well. They seemed to resonate with our view of hybridization versus Dr. David Jacobs. There were a lot of questions afterwards, so I feel that implies that there are still facets they are warming up to and need clarity on. Overall, I feel it was received very well and piqued their curiosity about various aspects in their own lives, opening them to their own self inquiry.

2) I felt in personal alignment with my mission and self by sharing this information. It felt great to meet all of the Hybrids that attended and Barbara as well. For me, it made things feel more cohesive. I also gained insight about my own process by listening to the other Hybrids. Some pieces clicked and I really felt at home in a sense in their presence. I most definitely felt we were pioneering this aspect of the field and that more information is ready to be disseminated about it.

Robert Fullington

RF UC1) I felt that the information was well received. I was so nervous that I couldn’t really focus on the audience before or during my talk. After all was said and done a lot of people came up to me and said we did well. I had a few people come to me in tears as if finally there was someone who could understand what they were going through.

2) At first I was nervous and a bit unprepared as I’ve never done anything like that before. I had prepared a full speech, timed and planned out. But when I got up on stage I forgot most of what I was going to talk about so I just went straight from the heart. I froze at one point but Barbara brought up my pictures and the information started to flow. All in all it was an amazing experience. I am so grateful that I got to do this with my friends and family and look forward to the next adventure.

Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch

CDR Congress1) The reaction was truly amazing, very positive. Many people came over to talk, saying thank you for coming forward and sharing my story, for being brave enough to speak about what has happened to me, especially regarding my Hybrid children, the military interference and the approach and ritual rape by the secret society. Some people cried with joy and deep emotion, some people wanted to hug me, to hold my hand and felt energized by my energy. There were a few men that were a bit abrupt at first and disbelieving but after I spoke with them they were relaxed and at ease and their attitudes completely changed. It was quite amazing to me that so many people had such a deep and positive reaction to all of us. It was crystal clear to see that we all had a positive effect on the people and by sharing our stories it really did make a difference to people. People said to me that by meeting me their lives had changed forever for the better. They see us Hybrids as the disclosure. Many people said they felt a marked connection with me and they appreciate the work that us Hybrids are doing.

2) I was ardently willing to share my experiences with everyone. I accepted that some reactions may be less then positive but it was a risk that I was willing to take. Everyone was so positive and accepting, those that were somewhat doubting and a bit abrupt soon yielded after speaking with me and seemed to become accepting and happy. I seemed to get a lot of attention from the men and quite a few people said if all Reptilians were as beautiful as me they would have no problems with them! A few men even said that if all Reptilians were as attractive as me they would fall in love every time they saw one! I think I am doing well in one of my jobs here, to be a positive and effective representative for Reptilian Hybrids and Reptilians.

Jujuolui Kuita

JK UC1) I could see there was a big turn-out to our talk – not many seats were empty! Even on stage I remember looking around to look at everyone as I was speaking – and I had to turn my head to do this. Seats even in the back of the room were taken! The audience was really quiet for the most part. I did hear a lot of coughing, so it seemed to me that those people were not really meant to hear this talk, but were there for maybe just wanting proof – which is what it is NOT about. The audience laughed at our attempt to be fun and light-hearted, and clapped to both welcome us and congratulate us when we finished. The most surprising response from the audience while speaking was when Cynthia got up on stage and was told by Alejandro that there was no more time, the audience actually yelled out wanting her to speak – even booed at Alejandro! And the most amazing thing was at the end, when many audience members came up to us as a group, still at the stage, some teared up, wanting to meet us, hug us and share their stories!! There was so much positive loving energy from those audience members, it was really beautiful. I am in awe and very much honored by this event.

2) I tried sharing postings of the book when it became available, the UFO Conference event coming up, and specifically Barbara Lamb’s talk at the conference. I only received a few ‘likes’ and maybe one comment from my Facebook ‘friends’ on these individual postings. I was disappointed, but most of them are work ‘friends’ and family, so I am use to this kind of non-response from the average person. Overall, my responses from people were best at the UFO Conference itself. The ones I spoke with were very open and positive. I know there are others out there that do not feel this way, but I did not experience them, thank goodness!

Cynthia Crawford

CC UC1) I was so thrilled at the number of people who attended and all their positive responses. I didn’t have one person that was negative about the Hybrids.

2) I am at home when talking about my star family. Since I’ve been sharing my experience of being a Hybrid since 2005, it was much better received when there were more Hybrids. It was a wonderful experience, and the effect of the work of both Barbara and Miguel was even greater than anticipated.

Barbara Lamb

BL UCI was thrilled and honored to give a lecture about ET-human Hybrids living and serving benevolently here on Earth, to the International UFO Congress on February 18, 2016. Six of the eight Hybrids whom Miguel Mendonça and I had extensively interviewed for Meet The Hybrids were on the stage with me and spoke for themselves, beautifully and eloquently sharing from their hearts about their missions here on Earth. I was deeply moved and proud of them for their sincerity, clarity, and for what they conveyed. The huge audience responded with great appreciation, and afterwards sought us out to compliment us for raising the level of Ufology. People said, “This was the best lecture of the whole conference,” and “You all have taken the field of Ufology further than it has ever been taken before!”

It was truly a great honor.

a) The IUFOC lecture ‘Meet the Hybrids’ DVD can be ordered from Open Minds Productions here.

b) A copy of the book ‘Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth’ can be purchased from Amazon U.S. here. Other sites, including Amazon worldwide sites, can be accessed through the Ordering page on this site.