The Passing of Cynthia Crawford, Our Galactic Godmother

Our friend and guide, Cynthia Crawford, has passed from this life. She was among the first people Barbara and I interviewed for Meet the Hybrids, and I was immediately struck – as most of us are – by her light, her loving energy.

But I loved that she also had a mischievous side, and she would instantly make me laugh when we got chatting. She did not take things too seriously, but had an infectious enthusiasm for life and all it can bring. She could talk about the mundane in the most magical way, and illuminate the numerous layers of meaning in any situation.

Her interview in Meet the Hybrids was life-changing for me. The quote I pulled out for the image sums it up. She outlines a vision in which we are all fragments of Source, our souls each a piece of a divine consciousness, an intelligence which makes up all of creation. This fragmented yet interconnected entity seeks experience in order to know more and be more. Therefore as souls we incarnate purposefully, choosing a path which brings us what we need. I picture it as a kind of spiritual tourism. If one thinks about the vast panoply of motivations behind tourism in Spain, for example, we can see this play out. From Catholic pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago to stag night packs staggering through the streets of Magaluf, to students of art, culture and architecture touring Granada and Barcelona. If we open this out to the planet, it offers everything you could want in the third dimension; every type of experience and relationship, every mindset, every set of values, every goal. In this view, all of it stands on a foundation of equality. While we all vary in our talents and abilities, it is all part of a collective effort. With a car, for example, we cannot say that fundamentally the tires are better than the gearstick, but they are the best component for their given role, and all complete the system and allow it to perform its function.

If life is a collective enterprise, then everything we do adds to the process, and by definition, no one can be left out of the complex web of cause and effect that makes the world what it is. In this way, everything we are, and everything we do lives on in the rest of the web. Part of me has been shaped by Cynthia, and that passes from me to others. At this point, hundreds of thousands of people have been enriched by Cynthia’s contribution to the human story, and so she, like everyone else, lives on through the web of conscious existence on this world, and beyond it. I don’t know how much more one could ask of a life.

As well as her amazing ET sculptures, which she is perhaps best known for, she worked every day as a connector. She was a global hub, and would be contacted by people from around the world who, as her quote lays out, wanted to understand what was happening to them, what it means and what they might do as a result. She brought people together, and helped to build and strengthen local, national and international connections between experiencers, hybrids, researchers, therapists, artists and many others who wanted to learn more, to assist others, or find the assistance they required. Many of my contacts came through Cynthia, and most people involved in the subject have met her at conferences or seen her sculptures. In a field as riven as any other by argument and infighting, I never heard a bad word said about her. She gave all she had to give in a most inspirational and genuine way.

But her belief was that after this life she would continue to work with us “on the ships,” and I anticipate that already people will be receiving information they understand to have come from Cynthia. Certainly she had a presence which is easy to feel, and an energy that stays with you long after talking. I am looking forward to hearing stories of encounters with Cynthia’s spirit, and perhaps meeting her in dreamtime. Either way, her words come back to me on a daily basis, and none are more important to me than freeing myself and others from my judgments. If the world adopted this single practice, I imagine the world would be transformed. As they say, we must each be the change we wish to see in the world. So thank you and bless you Cynthia – you are welcome to visit any time.


3D Craft Initiation – video out now

So many people have asked me about audio books, that I’ve decided to do something similar, but frankly more fun. I have around 100 hours of interview audio from Meet the Hybrids, We Are the Disclosure and Being with the Beings, and have begun turning some of it into music videos.

The first is Robert Fullington telling the story of the epic 45-minute UFO encounter that really kicked off his journey. It is from his interview for Beings, and is a great story, well told.

It is the first original video for the new We Are The Disclosure YouTube channel, and the audio is available on the WeAreTheDisclosure SoundCloud channel.

Being with the Beings out now in paperback

Being with the Beings, the final part of my trilogy on ET-human interaction, is available now on Amazon. It is a deep dive into the experiences of ET contact with nine people who have had long, ongoing interaction with a wide variety of beings. Their interviews reveal their techniques for making safe, meaningful contact with non-human intelligences. We hear how it has changed or defined their lives, why they are involved in direct contact, and what they offer the world as a result.

We learn how channelers, hybrids and artists bring through communications from a wide variety of beings, whether written, spoken or drawn, and how their psychic abilities have been used or expanded as a result.

The project concept came to me as a download, with the title, outline, list of participants and list of questions, including: what message would they like to share? Evidently, someone wanted to say something. So each participant shares a message from the beings, and in the case of the channels, the author interviews the beings through them. The messages and discussions are always fascinating, and often profound. Whether you are an experiencer or not, this book will give you more perspective on the interactions between humans and the beings, and offers a practical guide to developing your own contact protocols.

Meet the Hybrids reviewed in Fortean Times this month

Fortean Times cover February 2017In the 1990s, as my interest in the unusual reignited, Nexus and Fortean Times were the two most influential sources for me. Before the internet, these magazines offered well curated information from researchers of all kinds, from around the world. They expanded my sense of the possible, and demonstrated the value of following one’s passion, no matter what the mainstream attitude towards it may be.

As of this month, both magazines have carried reviews of Meet the Hybrids. I feel proud to have contributed something to the pool of information offered by these magazines, and pleased that they have read the work with an open mind. I should expect no less, but it is still refreshing to see that people new to the idea find it thought-provoking.

Fortean Times’ editor, David Sutton, has given me permission to reprint the review.

Meet The Hybrids
Miguel Mendonça & Barbara Lamb 2015 Pb, 287pp, bib, £11.99
ISBN 9781518741012

This anthology references the Akashic Record, the Third Eye, Gaia, raising consciousness, and encounters with spiritual as well as extraterrestrial entities.

The authors make a serious effort to present and analyse interviews with eight people who believe they are human–alien hybrids and to whom are put 10 questions about how they came to this conclusion and how it might have changed their lives and outlooks. Their comments on the latter aspect says more about this crazy world we live on than about UFOs or aliens.

This is preceded by a clear analysis of the issue of hybrids in history and in UFO literature. The last part of the book tackles the issues that are raised by the testimony of the interviewees.

When one says that her mother was impregnated with an embryo composed of her mother’s egg, her father’s sperm and two types of ET DNA so she is “38% Anunnaki and 28% Zeta”; when another claims to have been “off communing with ETs since the age of 6”, it certainly seems wrong to be dismissive; in fact the authors react more like psychiatrists to the uninhibited comments of their couched clients. From their early days they feel “different”, are relieved to find others like themselves, worry that their hybrid relatives might be being “weaponised” by “the military” and so on; but all say consistently that this is part of a process of healing the Earth and that a day will come “soon” when their alien parents and “star families” will reveal themselves openly. Is this part of an unconscious but growing development in the psychology of modern man as Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey Kripal believe? We don’t know!

Barbara and Miguel on Dr Karen Kan show – January 9th

Barbara and I will be live on Dr Kan’s show, discussing Meet the Hybrids on Monday, January 9th at 3pm EST. Her show description reads:

If you listened to my Spiritual Medicine Digest HERE a few weeks ago then you’ve already heard me talk about the alien/human hybrid phenomenon, whether we should integrate or remove the ET DNA, and why it’s there in the first place. Well this is such a FASCINATING topic, that I wanted to dive in deeper.

I recently came across a really cool book called “Meet the Hybrids.” It is based on over 100 hours of interviews and , this book gives each of the hybrids their own voice. They share their personal journeys of discovery, their abilities, and the joys and challenges of living a dual existence. This book tells not only their stories, but those of the ET races of which they are a part, and other races which have guided them.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear more!

Join me as I interview the co-authors of this ground-breaking book to learn

  • What are hybrids’ life missions?
  • How does one know they are a hybrid?
  • How can those who aren’t hybrids use this knowledge to provide healing, love, and light to the world?
  • And much more!

Be sure to bookmark this link and come back to join us live (or check out this link for the replay after the show). You can even call into the show to have your questions answered!


We Are the Disclosure Part II – now available

watd-2-front-coverAssembling this book was the easy part – the hard part was writing the conclusion. Not only is We Are the Disclosure a goldmine of personal experiences and perspectives, but it is structured to allow easy comparison between them. This offers us two layers of analysis, which then triggers another stage of reflection. In addition, readers will be comparing their own experiences and evolving conclusions, whether consciously or otherwise. And these internal dynamics will continue developing until you find your reality has shifted from its starting point, perhaps markedly so. Having gone through this for the last 18 months, while working on both Meet the Hybrids and We Are the Disclosure, I’ve found that my conclusions are in a constant state of flux. So, after 14 weeks of attempting to analyze and summarize the learnings from Disclosure, one of the main conclusions I reached is that my definition of ‘conclusion’ has changed.

In our culture we often navigate an increasingly complex world through reliance on external expertise. But it has become clear to me that in this field the term ‘expert’ has little meaning, as every aspect of it is in some way opaque, and contested. All physical ‘evidence’ tends to get trapped in a loop, being accepted by some, rejected by others. Experiencer testimony is even more controversial. So how do we determine what we will accept? It seems almost every aspect of this subject compels us to look inward for guidance and understanding. Information either resonates with us or it does not. Tuning into this process helps develop our discernment, and teaches us more about ourselves. That is the most important expertise: the knowledge of our own nature. This is the deepest dive we will ever take, and the most rewarding.

Whether reflecting on our experiences or those of other people, this opens us up in a powerful, transformative way and accelerates our natural process of evolution.  Yet it is still just our perspective, and we can only offer our humble, temporary opinion on the subject, making clear that it is a product of both our knowledge and our ignorance. My definition of ‘conclusion’ is therefore: a momentary sense of what is and what may be.

If we consider what we’ve learned in our personal journeys so far, we can see that there are few positions that last a lifetime. In The Science Delusion, Rupert Sheldrake talks about the inconstancy of the so-called constants, and the fact that this is all but ignored by the scientific establishment. The only true constant seems to be change, and this applies to every aspect of ourselves. Yet many people find an understanding, or an entire framework of understanding, and hold on to it as hard as they can. And in many ways this world suffers from too much certainty. People kill or die each day due to too much belief.

But while it is important to most of us that our core reality remain undisturbed, there will be times when each of us must adapt to a change of circumstances. This may be moderate and agreeable, or severe and terrifying. When discussing Disclosure, many use the analogy of a tornado hitting our home. Everything material which we held dear just turned to matchwood and got blown halfway across the state. The same can come through impacts on our health, or the end of a relationship. What we thought we had, or knew, just fell apart. It’s time to reevaluate.

The tornado analogy also represents the framework idea. Pursuing this subject, as broad and deep as it is, will destroy one framework after another as we endeavor to encapsulate and comprehend it. And, having compared dozens of different frameworks in this field, it is apparent that while there may be consensus on many things, each person tells a story of the development of their viewpoints over time, based on new experiences and information. All of this has had the effect of causing me to treat all information and experience as just that. It is no more a ‘true’ reflection of reality than anything else, and can only be filed along with the rest. A general picture naturally emerges, but it is just that. This field defies the scientific method in that it is rarely testable, and almost never repeatable – certainly at will. Therefore, we can only arrange the pieces in a way that makes sense at any given time.

So what then does something so at odds with our culture offer us? That is a huge question. My sense today is that individually it offers an expanded view of every facet of existence, including our own nature and abilities. I communicate with and observe thousands of people who are involved in this field in a wide variety of ways. We are all engaged in a personal unfolding which enriches ourselves and one another, even if that is through a difficult conflict of opinion.

Collectively, this subject places the human journey in a wider context, and it shows us more of who and what we are as a species. No matter how humanity was created or why, it seems we still have the capacity to choose, in every moment, which path we take, and whether we act for ourselves primarily, or for the good of others. Part of the awakening is to recognize our agency, and to actively create the world we wish to live in. The positive personal transformation that commonly results from contact experiences is perhaps the most important headline of the whole subject: this is changing us for the better. And little could be more important to life on Earth today than more humans becoming empowered agents of positive change. If more people concluded that, however briefly and no matter what the catalyst may be, the world would be a better place.

Western science has defined existence in a strongly materialist way, and it seems to have actively avoided a meaningful exploration of consciousness, let alone the nature of the soul. And given the cultural standing of scientists as the arbiters of truth, this has left people in our culture somewhat spiritually stranded. And that is no place to be in a third-dimensional world with material limits. If we breach those limits we die, so clearly the objective is to find a way of thinking and acting which operates within those limits. And the most efficient way to do that in any ethical sense, may be to collaboratively develop an inclusive, universal spirituality which recognizes our connectedness and interdependence, fosters freedom of expression and designs in conflict resolution. The message of many of those interviewed is that the beings they are connected with live in this way, and in some ways influence humans to do the same. The conclusion to the human story may well hinge on how quickly and to what extent we engage with all the positive, expanding elements that this subject offers us. But after 70 years, it is still the case that no authority is taking responsibility for moving this forward, so it remains the duty of those called to it. For the foreseeable future, we are the Disclosure.

We Are the Disclosure – Part I now published

watd-1-front-coverPart 1 of the two-part work We Are the Disclosure is now available on Amazon. It is a work of vast scope, and is a response to a number of conclusions drawn from a transformative year of research and experience.

Primarily, it was inspired by Meet the Hybrids, a book we published in 2015. Working with Barbara Lamb and eight ET-human hybrids, it became clear that we now have far more information and experience available to us regarding the extraterrestrial subject than the field is in general recognizing.

Secondly, I could see that a spectrum of interest, or division of labor, exists in the field. In broad strokes, this runs from the ‘masculine’, typified by a focus on the technological, political and physical aspects, to the ‘feminine’, typified by a focus on the metaphysical, spiritual and wellbeing aspects.

Third, the language we use to discuss these matters is challenged, to say the least, by the larger realities that the hybrids, channels and other experiences are bringing through.

Fourth, the people doing this work are taking significant risks in publicly pursuing this with such determination. I wanted to know what drives them, what they’ve learned, what the implications are, and how we can better inform the rest of society about them.

Fifth, the hybrids gave me a far more spiritual interpretation of this subject. They have all been transformed by it, and live from the heart, in service to others. Working with them triggered a personal awakening that I feel goes to the core of this subject. The nature of existence, in a spiritual and multidimensional sense, may be the most important aspect of the entire subject. And I sensed that it is being under-represented in the field, which in various ways is still biased towards the masculine end of the spectrum.

Sixth, the top-down Disclosure that so many seek appears to me a fallacy. Only a fool asks a liar for the truth. The only understanding of this subject that can be shared with integrity is personal understanding. Institutional spin from governmental, military or religious sources will only tell us about their agendas, not about the issue itself. When discussing this, Barbara Lamb often states “At this time, we are the Disclosure.”

Seventh, the ETs seem to be the drivers of Disclosure, through human and hybrid agents.

As a ‘big picture’ type, I wanted to bring this all together through discussions with people who embody many of these facets. The growth of the field, and our comprehension and descriptions of it, had yet to be laid out in this comprehensive and personal way. It has been a privilege to work with so many dedicated, courageous and inspirational people, and have them tell their stories and share their opinions.

Their accounts truly capture the spirit of the title: We Are the Disclosure. We, the people exploring these realms and sharing our findings, are supporting humanity in moving from an Earthbound consciousness to an unbounded consciousness. The implications for human society, in an era of relentless ideological destruction of each other and the living world on which we depend, are profound. And it seems that the increasing interaction between humans and non-human intelligences at this critical time is no coincidence. The path humans choose in the next two decades will determine the fate of life on Earth for millennia.

Each of the two parts of the book features interviews with 14 individuals who are contributing in a variety of ways to this unfolding process of experience and understanding.

Part 1 hears from: Alexis Brooks, Lyn Buchanan, Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Stanton Friedman, Robert Fullington, Marilyn Gewacke, Rey Hernandez, Gary Heseltine, C. B. Scott Jones, Jujuolui Kuita, Barbara Lamb, Vanessa Lamorte and Joanne Summerscales.

This book provides strong evidence that Disclosure may prove to be the most important topic of our time, and that it is being driven in large part by the ETs themselves.

Miguel Mendonça

Meet the Hybrids reviewed in Nexus Magazine

Nexus magazine coverMeet the Hybrids has been reviewed in the August-September issue of Nexus Magazine. The magazine first came into being 30 years ago, and I discovered it in the early 1990s, when it had been handed on to Duncan Roads. It was a big part of my awakening, giving me access to information on a vast array of alternative topics. It was my internet before there was an internet. I am delighted that it is still going strong.

I spoke with Marcus Allen, the magazine’s UK publisher and distributor, at the 2015 Glastonbury Symposium, where they have had a vendor table for many years. I told him I was in the process of collaborating on a book on the subject of ET-human hybrids and asked about sending a review copy. When he said that they would certainly be interested in reviewing the book I pointed to Charmaine, who had a nearby vendor table, and told him that she was one of the hybrids being interviewed. He seemed to accept the idea without difficulty, which is understandable given the material he has been dealing with for decades.

Charmaine had a vendor table again this year, so I went down to see her, and it was great to talk with Marcus and pick up a couple of copies of the magazine with the review. It’s a pleasure to add our research as another resource that Nexus has shared with the curious. We trust it will help others in their search for understanding, and we are grateful to Nexus for their interest and support.

~ Miguel

Barbara Lamb to speak on hybrids in Toronto, July 10th

EMN-poster-BL TorontoNEXT SUNDAY, JULY 10TH, Barbara Lamb, investigative therapist and author studying complex evidence of an ET presence on Earth, will speak in Toronto about hybrids with human and ET DNA emerging in increasing numbers. Join Barbara Lamb’s debut lecture in Toronto to learn more about her fascinating research.

Meet the Hybrids – The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth
SUNDAY, July 10th — 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
J.J.R. MacLeod Auditorium
27 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Meet & Greet Barbara Lamb after her presentation
Tickets Available through Eventbrite
$20.00 in advance – $25.00 at the door

For more information, click here.


The Hybrid Subject and the Media

By Miguel Mendonça

Anyone who read the recent article in Britain’s Express online concerning our project, may have come away with one of two main conclusions. For those not open to the possibility, they might decide there is a whole new kind of crazy out there. For everyone else, they may be reminded that the media just doesn’t know what to do with the subject.

I spoke with Jon Austin, the journalist concerned, on two occasions around 1-2 months ago, sent him a copy of the book, and asked if he wished to interview Charmaine. As she is in England, it seemed logical that he may be interested in a British angle on the subject. She had said to me that she would be willing to give him an interview based on her experiences and perspectives. I heard nothing more until he sent me the link to the article on May 29th. As surprising as it was to find that he had evidently not talked with Charmaine and instead made me the centre of the piece, it was even more surprising that it contained so many errors. I’m picking my words carefully here, and making heavy use of euphemism.

I sent him a corrected version of the text and asked that he make the amendments. He made some, but unaccountably did not make others. At the time of writing (May 1st) it still states: “He is even convinced that by having frequent contact with the hybrids he has practically been cured of MS.” I have no idea where this line came from. I never said this to him or anyone else, as it is not true. The last thing I would want is for other people with MS to pin false hope on anything. I may have related an anecdote pertaining to someone else with ME having the condition improved by a healer, and if so he apparently conflated the two. In the original version of the article it said ME instead of MS.

There is little to be gained from deconstructing his article line by line and pointing out every error and overstatement, but I can say that most of it is off the mark by some margin. There may be little to be gained from investing time in having the paper make all the corrections, as in my view the main point that emerges is this: the media, like everyone else, has a very steep learning curve when it comes to hybrids.

For me personally, even as someone open to the subject and having committed a year of my life to hearing these people and sharing their stories with the world, it was hard going. Every conversation challenged me on various levels, and brought concepts to me that defied the conventions of Western knowledge construction. When you leave the work at home and go to Sainsbury’s for the week’s groceries, you see the ordinary, material, very human world around you and feel the dissonance caused by such radically differing views of reality. Your mind yo-yos conceptually between grounding and transcending, and it can be quite isolating in that you feel confident that you are the only one in the store going through it.

So I get that it can be an unsettling, uncomfortable experience. But anyone who has heard the interviews I’ve done over the last few months will have learned that it has also been a profoundly positive experience for me, at a very personal level. I have developed more understanding of my own feelings about being on this planet at this time, and, along with the regressions with Barbara, and psychic readings from Jacquelin and Leo Sprinkle, the ‘mentorship’ of Juju and the connections with everyone else, I feel more comfortable with my place in the universe. And that is a very big statement.

Which brings me to: why take this to the tabloids? I approached Jon because he had done an article on the hybrid children community back in January, and it got me thinking. At first I was appalled by what we might call the low-vibration tabloid spin on the subject, but then, as I received more and more worldwide repostings of the article via my daily Google Alert for ‘alien hybrid’, it occurred to me that with that kind of reach, it may be possible that an article on our project may thereby reach some of the ‘right’ people. By that I mean those who are open to the subject and want to learn more. And it could also reach others around the world who may be undergoing their own awakening as a hybrid.

Since the book has come out Barbara and I have hear from numerous people who understand that they are hybrids, and all have been so joyful that others like them are now going public, and forging a path for those who wish to be able to live their identity rather than conceal it out of fear. If one glances at the comment section beneath either of the articles above, or any of the YouTube videos linked to in our ‘videos’ page, you will see why hybrids are reticent about coming out. The cynicism and closed-mindedness of the commenters and their words is staggering to behold when one has a more open, expanded conception of existence.

I believe it is for each individual to take their own journey, and by presenting them with new ideas, they may be curious or brave enough to venture further, or they may not. It may be relevant to their journey, or it may not. One quote in the piece that is fairly accurate is: “I am a writer, and just wanted to share their stories, and had no clue I would be affected, it’s changed my life.” Despite the deficiencies of the article, it may be an important trigger for some people, and in a variety of ways, it could change their lives for the better too.